When it comes to gifts for women, flowers are right up there among the best. They are not as expensive as jewellery and they’re perfect for any occasion, and they’re guaranteed to bring a smile to any girl’s face. If you want to surprise your girlfriend with a bouquet of Gold Coast flowers delivered to her door at home or work, then here are a few tips you should consider to ensure that everything goes the way you plan.

Choosing the Perfect Bouquet

gold-coast-flowers-deliveredMake sure she’s not allergic to flowers

First and foremost, make sure that your girl isn’t allergic to flowers before you send her a bouquet. You don’t want an unexpected trip to the hospital. If you don’t want to be obvious by asking her directly, find some flowers for her to smell when you’re out together. This will let you know if she has any adverse reaction to flowers.

Consider her favourite colour

Most girls will appreciate flowers of their favourite colour, so choose a bouquet that features here favourite shade prominently. Don’t have any idea what her favourite colour is? Here’s a simple trick: think about what colours she often wears or has with her. Be observant because the answer is all generally all around you. Look at thinks like her phone case, handbag, and accessories.

Consider her personality

Not all girls like the same type of flowers. To ensure that you’ll get one that your girlfriend will like, consider her personality and use that as basis for your choice. Is she edgy? Is she shy or outgoing? This will give you or the florist an idea on what kind of flowers will suit your girl best.

Take into account what you are trying to say

The thing with flowers is that each of them means something different. For example, gardenia indicates secret love and it tells the receiver that she is lovely, while the rose has different meanings depending on its colour. If you’re trying to tell her something, make sure that the flowers you’ll give her will help you convey your sentiment.

Let the Pros Help You

Seek professional help

If you don’t want to mess up, then you better get the assistance of a trusted Gold Coast florist. Having done this for years, the florist will help you pick the best flowers for your girlfriend or even create a custom-made bouquet for her. Just provide them with all the necessary information so they can whip out the most exquisite and gorgeous flower arrangement ever. Good luck – but we are sure she will love them.