Flowers are one of the best presents you can give to a friend, family, or significant other. One reason for this is that each flower has its own meaning. Regardless of the occasion, the likes or the personality of the receiver, there is a flower that will help you properly convey your feelings or sentiment. If you’re thinking of giving a gift to someone special, pay your favourite Gold Coast florist a visit so you can give them the freshest and most perfect of blooms.

What Do These Flowers Mean?

Every flower symbolises something. To help you pick the best bouquet for that special person in your life, here are the meanings of some of the most popular flowers according to flower expert Kate Law.


Always a classic choice, a bouquet of roses (particularly the red ones) is often the star of Valentine’s Day. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that red roses symbolise love, romance and beauty. Nothing screams “You are perfect” or “I adore you” better than giving someone a bouquet of these gorgeous red blooms.




Gerbera Daisies

Daisies have always been known for symbolising beauty, innocence and purity. However, the Gerbera variety, which is very popular for its large flowering heads, makes them more special. Gerbera daisies are available in a wide range of peppy hues, giving these flowers the additional meaning of “cheerfulness.”




Considered one of the most elegant and easily identifiable flowers in the world, tulips mean “perfect love.” They also convey comfort and warmth. Also, they are relatively more affordable than roses, making them an excellent present on Valentine’s Day, when prices of red roses are through the roof.



gold-coast-florist-peruvian-liliesPeruvian Lilies

Also known as Alstroemeria, Peruvian lilies symbolise friendship and devotion. If a friend is celebrating her birthday soon, Peruvian lilies make a great gift as they help you tell the receiver how lucky you are for being a part of their lives. They also make for exquisite bouquets and floral arrangements because more often than not, each stem of these lilies features multiple blooms.


Here’s Something for the Daring


Exquisite and rare, orchids represent love, beauty, luxury, and strength. Also, it gives the receiver the impression that you are more than what you appear to be. Another advantage of ochids when you order them from your gold coast florist, is that they don’t wither easily. They hold up well over time, too, whether in bouquets or pots.



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